These Orthodox Jewish College Kids Are Spreading Kindness During A Pandemic

“It started as a spreadsheet, a very basic spreadsheet,” Elana Sichel, a recent graduate of University of Maryland says. She and Hadassah Raskas, a U Penn rising senior, are the co-founders of Corona Connects, an initiative that pairs volunteers with organizations needing the extra hands during this chaotic time of living through the Coronavirus pandemic. […]

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What is the Torah Perspective on Wearing a Mask and Social Distancing?

Dear JITC- What is the Torah perspective on wearing a mask and social distancing? Thanks, Cory Dear Cory- That you should do it. Sincerely, Rabbi Jack Abramowitz Educational Correspondent Follow Ask Rabbi Jack on YouTube Editor’s Note: While Rabbi Abramowitz asked that we publish his response immediately and verbatim, and we agree that it is […]

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