Are Orthodox Jews Allowed To Watch TV and Movies?

Dear Jew in the City, Can Orthodox Jews watch TV and movies? Best, Shmuel   Dear Shmuel, Thanks for your question. The obvious answer, based on simple observation, is that Chareidim (i.e., “ultra-Orthodox” Jews) are unlikely to partake of television and movies, while doing so is quite common among Modern Orthodox Jews. A review of […]

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This Orthodox Jew Reunited The Monkees And Toured With A Beatle

As the son of a Holocaust-surviving cantor, David Fishof spent his childhood surrounded by Jewish liturgical music. Then as a young adult, he added in rock ‘n roll. Fishof grew up in Hackensack, New Jersey and attended Breuer’s Yeshiva in Washington Heights. “I had a brother Joey who was a graduate of Yeshiva University. He […]

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