Why The Rise Of Anti-Semitism (Oddly) Comforts Me

As a child, I had a recurring dream that I was in the Holocaust. Twenty-five years later, much of it is hazy, except for the intense fear of trying to escape from pursuers who considered it a crime to be Jewish. I wondered if this was a common thing. “Do you think most Jews have […]

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Why My Husband and I Moved To Israel During a War

When my husband and I got married in August 2000 (happy almost anniversary to us!), we had a plan to learn Torah in Israel as a way to start our marriage off on a meaningful note. We first had to finish college and save up some money in order to make this dream happen, but […]

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Why Faith (Emunah) Is A Choice And Not A Leap

The other day, upon returning from a trip to the supermarket, groceries in tow (or rather in hand), I realized that I had left my keys at home. But just then, wouldn’t you know, one of our neighbors walked through the lobby at the exact right moment to catch my flailing arms in his peripheral vision. “Hashgacha prutis” (Divine Providence) I […]

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“Dirty, Money Grabbing, Parasitic Jewish Vermin”

Dirty money grabbing, parasitic vermin. Hitler should have finished his good work. If it were legal, I would murder every God forsaken kike around me with a Louisville Slugger. But it’s not, so I’ll just keep waiting for the next chance we get. So, yeah – that’s a message I got last week from a […]

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