Get Refusal Is A Problem And The Solution Has Been Found

The solution to end the agunah crisis has been found, despite most people not realizing it. All we need now is universal buy in from the entire Jewish community. The Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA) has been on the frontlines for the past decade, courageously combatting the issues of a get refusal and […]

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How I Explained Agunahs to My 10 Year Old Orthodox Son

It was during a recent Friday night dinner with my family that the topic of Jewish divorce came up. I can’t remember why we were speaking about it or what led my husband and me to explain to my son how divorce is handled in the Torah – Biblically, the husband can divorce his wife, […]

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How I Was Freed From My Dead Marriage

I never really appreciated the concept of freedom until I felt that I had lost it. So when my husband left the marriage after 10 years, slamming the proverbial door behind him, I was wholly unprepared when he refused to give me a get and trapped me in a marriage neither of us wanted to […]

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Why Do Orthodox Jews Have So Many Kids?

Few decisions in life can compare to that of having another child. In this regard, it is no secret that Jewish tradition encourages childbirth and observant Jews seem to follow suit. The fascinating thing is that when examining the bare biblical law, a Jewish couple is able to fulfill the obligation to procreate by having […]

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Yes, Women Can Be Witnesses In Jewish Courts

While there are numerous challenges when it comes to Orthodox Judaism comporting with modern mores, one of the most common issues that people struggle with is the prohibition of women being witnesses in Jewish courts. There is no official reason given for this limitation, it is simply based on verses in Devarim 16:6 and 19:15, […]

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How Quitting Porn Gave Me A Newfound Respect For Women

I never considered myself a misogynist, but several years ago, during my senior year of college as I headed to yeshiva, I began taking on a number of wonderful Jewish observances. It was at that time that I learned about shmiras eynaim, the responsibility of Jewish men and women to treat their eyes and ears as […]

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