Are Orthodox Jewish Women Allowed To Wear Open-Toed Shoes?

Dear Jew in the City- Now that the summer is here, I have a question. Is it proper for an Orthodox Jewish married woman to wear sandals/open-toed shoes in public? Thanks, JJ Dear JJ- Thanks for your question, though I’m not sure where marital status enters into it. (The only law of modesty that hinges […]

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Jewish Couple

Why Do Orthodox Jewish Women Shave Their Heads?

Dear Jew in the City- Why do Orthodox Jewish women shave their heads? Thank you, Kylie Dear Kylie- Thanks for your question. To say that Orthodox Jewish women shave their heads is a huge generalization, and not a particularly accurate one. What the majority of Orthodox women do is cover their hair. The parameters of […]

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What is a Kesubah (or Ketubah)? Why is It Good For Women?

Dear Jew in the City- What is a kesubah (or Ketubah) exactly and why is it good for women? Sincerely, Aspiring Bride Dear Bride- Thanks for your question. The kesubah (“ketubah” in Sephardic pronunciation) is usually translated as “marriage contract.” Basically, it’s a prenuptial agreement that outlines a husband’s obligations towards his wife. Husbands and […]

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Are Orthodox Women Allowed To Look Beautiful In Public?

Dear Jew in the City- I understand that Jewish law requires modest dress and behavior but does it require looking unattractive too? I sometimes hear people say that a woman can only look beautiful in private. Are there Torah sources to back this up? All the best, Ashley Dear Ashley- Thanks for your question. I […]

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