What is a Kesubah (or Ketubah)? Why is It Good For Women?

Dear Jew in the City- What is a kesubah (or Ketubah) exactly and why is it good for women? Sincerely, Aspiring Bride Dear Bride- Thanks for your question. The kesubah (“ketubah” in Sephardic pronunciation) is usually translated as “marriage contract.” Basically, it’s a prenuptial agreement that outlines a husband’s obligations towards his wife. Husbands and […]

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Are Orthodox Women Allowed To Look Beautiful In Public?

Dear Jew in the City- I understand that Jewish law requires modest dress and behavior but does it require looking unattractive too? I sometimes hear people say that a woman can only look beautiful in private. Are there Torah sources to back this up? All the best, Ashley Dear Ashley- Thanks for your question. I […]

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Is Tznius A Woman’s Most Important Mitzvah?

Dear Jew in the City, I hear people in the Orthodox community sometimes talk about tznius (modesty) for a woman like it is her MOST important mitzvah. Like what she exists for. While I’m a fan of tznius, this perspective on it does not sit well with me – that our greatest goal in life […]

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How Can The Torah Let A Man Sell His Daughter into Slavery?

  Dear Jew in the City, I heard that the Torah says that a woman must marry her rapist and that a father can sell his daughter into slavery? How can we possibly accept such horrible ideas in the modern world? Sincerely, Biblical Inequality   Dear Inequality, That’s a great question. It is true that […]

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