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Allison Josephs
Allison Josephs

Allison is the Founder and Director of Jew in the City. Please find her full bio here.


Don’t Believe Everything You Read!

Since I’ve already gotten several “mazel tovs,” I thought it might make sense to clarify that the “It’s a Boy” post that came along with the “Jew in the City in...

February 25, 2010
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Gym Class

Remember back in gym class when two students would get to choose the teams? Just the sound of the teacher announcing who was captain would fill my heart with dread. We’d line up...

February 21, 2010
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Birthday Musings

When I was a kid, I assumed that my grandparents had been old forever. When I was a kid, I never understood why people lied about being twenty-nine. Why make up such an...

February 02, 2010

On Vacation

Sorry that there’s no new post this week. Even bloggers need some time off! My kids  have been on vacation since last Thursday and we’ve been in Florida visiting family, getting...

January 29, 2010
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My PETA Pet Peeve

This blog post was originally published on Modestly Yours: As an Orthodox Jew, I have to be against animal cruelty. There is a concept in the Torah called tzar ba’alei chayim which prohibits...

October 10, 2007