Allison Josephs Speaks About Jamie Foxx’s Recent Instagram Post on TMZ Live

When Jamie Foxx posted on Instagram about a friend’s betrayal, many thought he was speaking about Jews when he wrote, “They killed Jesus.” The Jews killing Jesus is a false narrative that’s been spread for millennia, so it’s understandable that those words may strike a chord in the Jewish community.

In reality, Foxx was using an expression that’s common in Black American church communities about fake friends. It was a misunderstanding that got ugly quickly — especially in the comments section where many express disdain at Foxx even needing to apologize and further spreading antisemitic sentiments.

The comments section stands on its own and represents a lot of the issues we have in society today. Both Black and Jewish communities are victims in myriad situations and sometimes it can turn into a case of ‘Who has it worse.’

Allison Josephs spoke about the incident on TMZ this week which aired nationally on Fox affiliates yesterday. She expressed that the message was initially shocking because of that trope that’s been around for so long as well as the sensitivity we’re still reeling from after Kanye West posted actual blatant antisemitic things. Jews are the minority with the most attacks against them at this point, so it makes sense that we would be up in arms to protect ourselves.

In reality, the meaning of what Foxx posted had nothing to do with the Jews and Foxx is said to be a friend and supporter of the Jewish community. It was a misunderstanding on both sides and what needs to happen now is that Jews and Blacks need to speak to each other and work together to unite instead of further distance ourselves from each other.

“We can each learn and reach out to a friend and do that in our own world,” Allison Josephs shares after she reached out to her own Black Jewish friend when this happened. “Reach out to someone from a different background from you and learn what you don’t know.”

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  • Avatar photo Curtis Taylor says on August 9, 2023

    Due to various a plethora of unpleasant encounters with fellow Jews within the spiritual community I am still working on completing my conversion (13 years and running). Despite my frustrations as a Black Jewish male, I would never engage in the Lashon Hara.I thought the article written by the Black Jewish woman pertaining to Jamie Fox was insightful and well though out. Despite my best intentions and support for fellow Jews and Israel I feel that I am ignored and cast aside by fellow Jews whenever I attempt to make an attempt to bridge the gap between communities. I would like to contribute to the current gap between both communities.




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