Orthodox Jewish All Star, Ilana Wernick, Emmy-Winning Producer

“When I was starting my career, people would say to me – ‘Oh, you can’t be a TV writer and be Orthodox.”

Meet Emmy Award-winning writer and producer, Ilana Wernick, producer and co-producer of The King of Queens, Modern Family, and The Middle, who proved everyone wrong in the best way.

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  • Avatar photo Kevin Whelan says on September 4, 2023

    I loved her work since The King of Queens- that’s over 20yrs now. And so good to hear of Kevin James’s kindness, but what can I say- a Kev will always go above and beyond. One story you all might like. Many years ago in London I sat beside an elderly Hassid on the bus. Gentile or not I was anxious to engage him by in conversation, but how? It was a balmy summer’s day. That was it- I’d remark on the weather! “It’s a nice day, isn’t it?” I began. He waited a beat; then: “TOO nice”. It was a masterpiece in the comic’s art, and was that really the TINIEST suggestion of a smile in the corner of his mouth? Guess.


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