Jew in the City Speaks Out Nationwide on “You People’s” Damaging Effects

It’s been just a week and a half since Jonah Hill’s You People film was released on Netflix and has many members of the Jewish community up in arms. Pushing Jews into negative stereotypes and harmful tropes, this movie was only positive in that it’s uniting Jews in how damaging and antisemitic the film actually is. Here, a roundup of Jew in the City’s presence speaking on the subject.

Allison Josephs, Jew in the City’s founder, spoke to Newsweek about it here:

“…There were so many falsehoods, or so many claims put out there without any challenge. And so now that becomes just part of what people may accept to be true. It’s an erasure of Jewish history and like an invalidation of all that we’ve been through and all that we continue to go through. It was a really painful movie to watch.”

She also spoke on Chris Cuomo’s show, News Nation:
More was featured in The Daily Mail UK, i24News, Jewish News Syndicate, Jewishnews.co, Tablet, The Times of Israel, Algemeiner and Lahav Harkov’s Substack.

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