Attention Shtisel Fans: This Trailer for New TV Show, Fire Dance, is for You

An exhilarating new love story is hitting the small screen this spring. This one is created by director and writer Rama Burshtein-Shai, known for the 2012 movie drama, Fill The Void.

Burshtein-Shai is a New York-born Israeli filmmaker who became religiously observant after attending the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School. In the series, she’s giving the viewer an inside look into an ultra-orthodox community through a lens that is usually closed off. Although fiction, she offers an honest and authentic look into aspects of how the community functions.

The series is told in seven parts as a coming of age story starring a young woman named Faigie. She’s grown up in a broken home and falls in love with Nathan, the 35-year-old married son of the leader of the orthodox community.

After a failed suicide attempt, Faigie joins Nathan’s household to help run his home while his wife, Yocheved rests in preparation for giving birth to their first child after nearly 20 years of marriage. The series depicts the relationship between Faigie, Nathan and their families as the two get closer yet prevent an intimate relationship from forming due to their strong religious beliefs.

Stars of the series include newcomer Mia Irvin, Yehuda Levi from Very Important Person and Yossi & Jagger and Noa Koler of The Wedding Plan. The drama is being produced by Kuma Studios, Firma Productions and Yes TV.

The show will also compete in the prestigious international television competition, Series Mania, starting on March 18 in Lille, France. 

To view the tantalizing new trailer, click here.

Photo taken from scene in Fill The Void by Norma Productions

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  • Avatar photo Sandi Perrick says on March 1, 2022

    Can I watch this on tv in the US? Where would I find it?

    • Avatar photo Eve says on March 3, 2022

      Please let us know where we can watch it. Many thanks.

  • Avatar photo Bella Lerman says on March 10, 2022

    Where can we watch the show? Trailer looks great


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