How Two Orthodox Jewish Players Will Balance Religion With Pro Baseball

This year’s draft of two young Orthodox Jewish baseball players to the MLB has fans wondering how the young men will juggle religion with pro baseball. Selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the third round of the spring draft, right-handed pitcher Jacob Steinmetz of Long Island was number 77 in the overall draft. He made history as the first known Orthodox Jew to be drafted since the MLB draft began in 1965. Later in round 20, catcher Elie Kligman of Las Vegas was drafted by the Washington Nationals. As both drafts were celebrated in the Orthodox Jewish community, their observance of Torah law and its balance with commitment to baseball was explored. Steinmetz’s coach at the HAFTR, Jason Meyer, said, “Somehow Jacob and Elie made it work.” The two young men recently met in person at a Yeshiva University Macs Basketball game, where Steinmetz’s father is head coach. Kligman says, “It’s nice to have a guy on the same path as me.” Read more here.

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