Demanding Careers and Family Life is a Balancing Act For These Orthodox Women

From physicians to dentists, to accountants to physical therapists, there is a career for every Orthodox Jewish woman. While balancing the demands of a high-profile job with family and religious life can be a challenge, Chana Wircberg, Miriam Abraham, Miriam Ivry and Celina Bracha Schoenblum have all found ways of making it work to their advantage. Wircberg, a physician who is aiming to specialize in Oncology and who is also a Lubavitcher Hasid, says “I am doing my outreach through my profession and by being a good human being.” She also comments that being a physician, “…adds to my family life. When I am feeling fulfilled and happy, my husband and children feel it, too. I can be a better mother and wife…It’s worth it every time I am able to help a patient or a friend who calls for advice in a time of need.” Read more here.

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