The Lies Behind My Unorthodox Life Unfurl Further

The facts may indicate that Julia Haart represents model talent such as Helena Christensen, Iman and more, but the so-called “facts” about her personal life are starting to unravel, months after the release of her Netflix reality show My Unorthodox Life. The unfair picture she painted of life in her former community has her former friends in an uproar, one that contests her claims of so-called fundamentalism and a lack of access to education, in addition to her assertion that she was held captive. The reality behind the reality show is “a house of mirrors,” according to a source. “It’s all publicity for her.” In addition, financial strain may have propel her to want to become “The Jewish Kardashian.” Read more here.

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  • Avatar photo Steven Brizel says on September 3, 2021

    If you didn’t watch the Kardashians, then you should not watch this self absorbed portrait of a narcissist either whose background appears to be more problematic than she claims. The real questions that we should be looking at regardless of our hashkfaic perhaps were as always framed by Chazal in Chagigah 5a-that HaShem cries over those who are not learning full time and should be learning full time and over those who are learning full time but who are really not cut out for the Kollel life. Shows like this and the seeming suppression of debate of the propriety of professional baseball as a choice of career illustrate that we have yet to come to understand the meaning of this statement of Chazal


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