Orthodox Women in Medicine Combat Discrimination in the U.S.

Managing busy families, religious law and saving lives during the scariest time for health professionals in recent history, Orthodox Jewish Women in medicine are a whole different class of hero. The Jewish Orthodox Women’s Medical Association (JOWMA) and Orthodox Jewish Nurses’ Association (OJNA) aim to make this seemingly impossible balance easier, by matching mentors, answering questions and providing support and community for those who would otherwise be scrambling to balance it all, alongside established groups like the Jewish Association for Physician Assistants. “A lot of women in our community get married young and have children while in medical school and early on in their residencies, and that’s very uncommon [among non-Orthodox medical students],” said JOWMA president Dr. Miriam Knoll. “That makes it very difficult, but we want to be able to do both.” Read more here.


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