NY Times Examines Orthodox Jewish Burial Traditions in Wake of Surfside Disaster

After the tragic collapse in Surfside, Florida of the Champlain Towers South condominium building, the community’s strong Orthodox Jewish contingent has been working nonstop to maintain traditional Jewish burial customs for the many Jewish victims. From through the period between death and burial known as aninut, the tahara, the ritual cleansing of the bodies, to shomer or guard duties, to the brief turnaround time until the burial itself, to providing all of the needs for the funerals themselves and the shiva houses, there have been endless needs to be met for all who wanted them. Rabbi Sholom Lipskar, a Lubavitch rabbi whose congregation is less than a mile north of the towers has been helping families however he can. While the search for bodies was active, the community prayed together for good news. They since have come together to mourn the tragedy and help all who they could. “It was very comforting,” Rachel Spiegel, daughter of victim Judy Spiegel said. “Through our faith we had these resources we trust.” Read more here.


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