Cleveland Mailman Gets Surprise Birthday Celebration From Orthodox Neighborhood

Aaron Johnson, known as “the best mailman in the whole world” in the Beachwood, Cleveland, Ohio neighborhood where he works, received a surprise 60th birthday celebration, courtesy of Beachwood’s Orthodox Jewish residents. Balloons, signs, banners and gifts, accompanied by kosher treats greeted the mailman who has walked this route for more than 21 years. Known to say “Shabbat Shalom” to residents and answer “Baruch Hashem” when asked how he is doing, Johnson is a neighborhood fixture and a favorite of the religious residents, who created a progressive party to celebrate him. He has already been invited to weddings and bar mitzvahs of the neighborhood’s residents, who see him as an integral part of it. “I consider all of the children [of] my neighborhood nieces and nephews because everybody is really just amazing,” Johnson said. “I can go out there with absolutely no water, and I will not be thirsty. They will all just give me so much water. They feed me good.” Read more here.

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