Orthodox Jewish Teen Girl Affects Change in Sports Apparel Companies’ Policies

12-year-old Adi Topolosky of Rockville, MD first appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show last week and then on Good Morning America this week in the aftermath of her journey in advocating for women’s sports representation. Her search for a pair of Elena Delle Donne WNBA sneakers was frustrating, so she started to push for sports apparel companies to make available more apparel celebrating female athletes and cater to customers requesting these items. Corporate offices of the companies she pursued have apologized, sent apparel and created new opportunities for her involvement in advocacy. She met Delle Donne and was invited to attend a meeting with Dick’s Sporting Goods and WNBA players about how they could better represent women’s sports. They are now starting their first ever “Girls Power Panel” so that girls can help the company advocate for women in sports. See clip below.

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