Orthodox Jewish Baseball Star, Elie Kligman, Featured In The New York Times

Switch-hitter Elie Kligman from Las Vegas is a teen all-star, destined perhaps for college greatness before the major leagues. While his being strictly shomer Shabbat could possibly make those aspirations non-starters, his faith and commitment to his observance is an honorable inspiration. Even in the face of a possible multi-million dollar signing bonus, Kligman asserts that he would not break Shabbos in order to play. “That day of Shabbas is for God. I’m not going to change that.” Beyond Sandy Koufax’s standing up for Yom Kippur, skipping every Friday evening and Saturday day game is unprecedented in the MLB. The eighteen-year-old is certain that he will attain his dream: “My goal is to become the first Shabbas observant player in Major League Baseball.” Read more here.

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