Orthodox Jewish All Star, Chani Neuberger, Leading Solar Winds Hack Response

The Biden administration has named Jew in the City Orthodox Jewish All Star and former board member, Chani (Anne) Neuberger their point person on the breach of federal systems known as the SolarWinds hack, the worst on record. A top National Security Agency official who has become a senior official at the National Security Council, Neuberger has been leading the White House’s response to the hack fallout in the midst of her appointment being made fully public. While she directs federal agencies’ responses (nine federal agencies were affected by the breach), she will be working alongside the private sector, in which 100 companies were affected, to address their concerns as well. She will also be creating a study of the breach to learn how it happened and prevent such hacks from occurring again. While Russia has been blamed for the attack, they have denied any involvement. Neuberger gave her first White House briefing on the matter this week. She said that the hack clearly shows the U.S.’s need to bring its cyber defenses and IT infrastructure up to date, which an upcoming executive order from President Biden will address. See the press conference video above and read more here.


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