Orthodox Jewish Designer Batsheva Dresses VP Harris’ Stepdaughter for Inauguration

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Vice President Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter, 21-year-old Parsons student Ella Emhoff worked with Orthodox Jewish designer Batsheva Hay to create a dress worthy of wearing when attending her stepmother’s inauguration. The designer collaborated closely with Emhoff, an aspiring designer herself, to create a dress that was worthy of wearing to the event yesterday on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. After Emhoff found the bedazzled, delicately-collared Miu Miu coat, she worked with Hay to find a dress that complemented it perfectly. The burgundy moiré, prairie-style dress was the perfect choice and has been widely-praised by fashion critics, many calling Emhoff and her Batsheva dress the style victory of the day. Further attention to designer Hay, who proudly keeps Shabbos, is bound to follow. Read more here.


  • 736

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