NYC Website Is The Source of Antisemitic Apparel Worn At Capitol Riots

The antisemitic sweatshirt seen in photos of a rioter at the U.S. Capitol last week has been traced to a website with a New York City address. Thousands of people have since called for the site to be shut down for its sale of “Camp Auschwitz” hoodies in a city that is home to more than one million Jews. Orthodox Jewish Councilman Chaim Deutsch encouraged people to e-mail TeeHands.com, to take it off their trending category. Since then, that specific sweatshirt was taken down from the website, but the site was still selling other hate speech items, including one that reads “6MWE,” standing for “6 million wasn’t enough.” This slogan, which was also seen at the Capitol, suggests that more Jews should have been murdered during the holocaust. Read more here.

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