AJ Edelman Preps for Beijing Olympics & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

This Yale MBA Student Is Close To Making Olympic History — Again
When you believe that failure doesn’t exist, you’re willing to take a leap of faith regardless of the outcome. A.J. Edelman’s faith has taken him to great heights: MIT as an undergrad, championships in hockey and skeleton, the 2018 Olympics, and an MBA program at a top-10 business school. He is now preparing for the Beijing Olympics, which get underway in February 2022.

The Great Kosher Meat War of 1902 is The Wildest Protest You’ve Never Heard Of
The organizers expected just 50 people. But on May 15, 1902, nearly 500 women packed into the meeting hall at 88 Monroe St. on the Lower East Side, with more gathered outside. “New York never saw such a huge gathering of Jewish women,” one of the local newspapers proclaimed.

FBI Report: Jews Were the Most Targeted Demographic for Hate Crimes in the US Among Religious Groups in 2019
Of the 1,650 religious-motivated hate crimes in the U.S. reported, 63 percent, or almost 995, were anti-Jewish, 2.5 percentage point increase from 2018, the report said. The FBI’s annual Hate Crime Statistics Act (HCSA) report revealed that 2019 was the deadliest year on record with 51 hate crime murders – a 113-percent increase over the previous record of 24 set in 2018.

Kosher Restaurants Coming To Whalley
Fin and Scale, a kosher sushi restaurant, is one of two kosher restaurants in the works for the west side of town. The other, Ladle and Loaf, will feature glatt kosher (meat) Middle Eastern-style meals spiced with flavors found from Morocco to India.

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