Frum Man Brings Llama to His Sister’s Wedding & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Faith Before Basketball For Yeshiva University Champions
Yeshiva University’s basketball team can’t play on the Sabbath, on Jewish Holidays or fast days. They’ve also faced anti-Semitic taunts and ethnic slurs from opponents and spectators. But they continue to beat their rivals, many proudly wearing the skullcap that identifies them as Jewish.

Modern Orthodox Jewish Couples Court Controversy With Religious Prenup
Before Shanee Markovitz and Tani Kay get married this May, the couple gathered their close friends together recently to celebrate … their prenup. “I want my friends to see this as a huge part of our wedding. It’s as important as every other piece, if not more,” says Markovitz, 20. “We’re going to announce it at our wedding and put it in our programs, too.”

I’m an Orthodox Jewish Woman Who Had an Abortion with the Blessing of My Rabbi
The following story is shared by a married Orthodox Jewish woman, 34, who has young children. She lives outside of New York City in an observant community that she fears will stigmatize her for ending a pregnancy, even for medical and religious reasons, and so wishes to remain anonymous.

A Man Brought a Llama in a Tuxedo to His Sister’s Wedding, and The Photo of Her Unamused Expression is Going Viral
Mendl Weinstock had a long-running joke with his sister, Riva, that he’d bring a llama to her wedding. When Riva got married on Sunday, Mendl followed through and brought a llama in a tuxedo. The photo went viral on Reddit, with over 154,000 upvotes.

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