Guardian Angels Step Up To Patrol Jewish Neighborhoods & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

NYPD Stepping Up Presence in Brooklyn After a Series of Possible Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes This Week
The New York Police Department will increase its presence in several Brooklyn neighborhoods after at least eight possible anti-Semitic incidents this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted Friday morning. More police will be seen in Borough Park, Crown Heights and Williamsburg, de Blasio said. Police will increase visits to houses of worship and “other critical areas in the community,” the mayor said.

Skyrocketing Attacks On NYC Jews Ignored Because Of Race
Imagine that members of a religious minority were being frequently physically assaulted in America’s largest city at alarming rates. But what if I told you that this is happening in New York City right now, and nobody seems to care very much? Orthodox Jews in New York City, specifically in Brooklyn, have experienced alarming rates of physical assault over the past year.

Haredi Standard of Living on Rise, Thanks to Women
The modernization of haredi society continues, and what is interesting is that haredi society itself is aware of the process, Dr. Malach told “Globes”. He attributes the rise in the standard of living chiefly to the rise in earned income among haredi women.

Guardian Angels to Patrol Jewish Neighborhoods in New York City After Recent Attacks
The Guardian Angels, a private, unarmed crime prevention group, said it would start patrolling the New York borough of Brooklyn on Sunday following a series of anti-Semitic attacks. Curtis Sliwa, who founded the organization in New York City in 1979, said the patrols would start at noon in the Crown Heights neighborhood and expand to Williamsburg and Borough Park later in the day.

How This Anti-Semitism Came to Be: The Virulent Hatred Snowballed Over the Years
Orthodox Jews around the country — and specifically in the tri-state area — were still reeling from the shooting at a kosher deli earlier this month when we gathered with our families to celebrate the holiday of Chanukah. But that air of tranquility was shattered by a string of nearly a dozen anti-Semitic attacks over the holiday, the most severe of which was a mass stabbing at a rabbi’s home upstate as he lit his menorah.

Family of Anti-Semitic Machete Attack Victim Shares Heartbreaking Hospital Photo of Their Hasidic Patriarch
The Neumann family, in the wake of a recent spate of attacks targeting Jews, encouraged victims from around the world to go public with their stories of hate crimes. “Please share on social media (your) own experiences with anti-Semitism and add the hashtag #MeJew,” the family wrote. “We shall not let this terrible hate-driven attack be forgotten, and let us all work to eradicate all sorts of hate.”

Jewish Teen Robbed at Knife-Point on Brooklyn Bus: Cops
A Jewish teen riding a bus in Brooklyn was threatened at knife-point by two assailants who snatched his earbuds and yarmulke while making anti-Semitic remarks Tuesday, police said. The attempted robbery in Sheepshead Bay is at least the 11th reported anti-Semitic attack on city streets in the past week and follows a horrific stabbing attack at a synagogue in Monsey on Saturday night.

Monsey Attack Spotlights Hasidic Community’s Resilience
Bottom line: Animosity is no excuse for violence. There are no “buts” to be inserted here, no “maybe ifs” to speculate on. Anti-Semitism is a scourge that does not discriminate between practicing and non-practicing Jews. And if we have any chance at beating it, we must do it together — standing beside our Hasidic brethren.

90,000 Jews Unite in New Jersey Amid Spike in Anti-Semitic Attacks
Tens of thousands of Jews united to celebrate Siyum HaShas and reaffirm their faith amid a surge of anti-Semitic attacks across the U.S. Now This covers the story.

Officials Give Update on Monsey Stabbing Victim
Officials are giving an update on one of the victims who was stabbed in Monsey, New York on the seventh night of Hanukkah. His family urges us all not to hate.

We Sought A Break From Anti-Semitic Violence in Brooklyn. It Followed Us.
The co-founder of safest seat reflects on what the attacks mean to her and her family. They will not be intimidated.

Hero of Anti-Semitic Machete Attack Shrugs Off Plaudits, Give All Praise to God and Good Luck in Accepting Award For His Bravery
The Hasidic hero who hurled a coffee table at a machete-wielding invader during a Hanukkah celebration proved as humble Tuesday as he was fearless three days earlier. Joseph Gluck was honored with the Ramapo Freedom Award during a ceremony where he cited luck and divine intervention more than his own courage for limiting the damage during the Saturday night attack at a rabbi’s Rockland County home.

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