Fighting Antisemitism With Kindness & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Amid Rising Anti-Semitism, Orthodox Jews Weigh Safety With Being Conspicuously Jewish
Allison Josephs, founder and director of the nonprofit Jew in the City, which reverses negative associations about religious Jews, spent three hours on January 13 running a pop-up coffee and rugelach (a Polish Jewish pastry) station in Harlem. The idea, she says, came from a 2013 exhibit in Germany where visitors, many of whom knew little or nothing about Jews, could observe and talk to a live “Jew in a box.”

The Orthodox Intimacy Coach Talking About Sex on Instagram
Sitting in her living room in Hillside, N.J., talking into an iPhone, Bracha Bard-Wigdor, 32, is schooling Orthodox Jewish women about sex. Instagram is her platform. No filters.

Jewish Couple Kicked Off American Airlines Flight Over Body Odor Now Suing For Discrimination
An Orthodox Jewish couple who was removed from an American Airlines flight over body odor is now suing the airline for discrimination. Yehuda Yosef Adler and Jennie Adler were flying on an American Airlines flight with their 19-month-old daughter on Jan. 23, 2019 when the alleged incident occurred.

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