Kosher Meat Packer’s Miracle Sight Restoration & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

A Chabad Couple in New Jersey Built an Immersive Village for Kids With Autism
A new 11,000-square-foot shopping center here is home to 15 storefronts, including a bank, pet shop and clothing store. There’s a health center with a dentist and doctor’s office and a ShopRite supermarket. The shopping center, known as LifeTown Shoppes, is designed to help children and young adults with autism practice doing everyday errands.

Medical Miracle of Biblical Proportion: Kosher Meat-Packer Gets His Vision Back After Knife Accident
A Brooklyn kosher meat-packer with a traumatic eye injury and a Manhattan doctor with the last name of Gentile are hailing a medical miracle that might have astounded even the prophets of old. Father-of-six Joseph Goldstein, 29, a supervisor at a kosher meat processing plant in Sunset Park, recalled his April 29 injury as more frightening than anything else. “I didn’t know if I would see again.”

A Food Crawl, But In Brooklyn, So It’s Kosher And Artisanal
As New York City marathoners tracked their way through the five boroughs on Sunday, Nov. 3, Jewish denizens of Brooklyn and beyond were completing a marathon of their own — of the food variety. ‘It’s a kosher food pilgrimage, and this is our hajj,” said Ronen Halevy, a Modern Orthodox resident of Crown Heights, lending a sense of the sacred to Sunday’s Crown Heights Kosher Food Crawl.

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