Hasidic Plea to Media: “Stop Treating Us Like Aliens” & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

How the Pittsburgh Shooting Inspired Me to Put On a Kippah
You can’t hide what they hate about you — so I won’t either. Rather, I will joyously celebrate life and my Jewish identity, and I will fight for a world free of bigotry, regardless of who is attacked. And I’ll do it with my blue, suede kippah on my head.

Virgin Are Taking Kosher to New Heights
Virgin are also potentially shaking up in-flight kashrut. For now, kosher meals are to be provided by long-term airline kosher meal provider, Hermolis, but the airline are working with high-end kosher caterer, Food Story, to trial kosher meals on board some of their routes, but not yet Tel Aviv.

We Hasidim Aren’t Aliens and We’re Tired of the Media Acting Like It
The media’s othering of Orthodox Jews can contribute to the view of us as being “different” and worthy of being attacked. We are regular people with the same struggles and challenges in our jobs, relationships and spiritual lives.

The Shtick Delights at Orthodox Jewish Weddings
For Estee Ellis, performing the wedding shtick is a way to transcend buttoned-up strictures of a formal wedding party, and to express something ineffable about the relationship between the bride and groom and the performer. “It’s a really exciting way to celebrate and perform aspects that are more personal,” Ellis said.

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