United Hatzolah’s Facebook Kiddush Hashem & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

How to Be Frum at Queens College
You grew up in modern Orthodox Teaneck. You went to one of the half dozen modern Orthodox elementary schools nearby, then to a yeshiva high school, and then to a gap year at an Israeli yeshiva. Now you’re on campus.

Finally, Manhattan Gets Kosher Al Fresco Dining
Just a few blocks from the offices of the Forward on Pearl Street, a new kosher restaurant has opened its doors, and allows guests to enjoy a glass of kosher cabernet with an evening breeze. You might walk by without even noticing the humble black awning of the Wall Street Grill.

Descendants of Forcefully Converted Jews Open Mikveh in Northern Brazil
Descendants of Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity inaugurated in Brazil what they said is the first ritual bath built for and by people with their history. Members of the Sinagoga sem Fronteiras Jewish group built the mikveh last month in the coastal city of Tibau, situated more than 1,000 miles north of Rio de Janeiro.

More Than 100 Tires Belonging to Jews Slashed in Heavily Orthodox Lakewood, NJ
More than 100 car tires have been slashed in the heavily Jewish town of Lakewood, New Jersey, over the past several days. All of the cars involved were reported to belong to or be used by Jews, ABC News reported Monday.

A Bond Stronger Than Tradition
Rabbi Motti Kornfeld understands how it feels when a Haredi family has a child who leaves the ultra-Orthodox way of life, for it happened to one of his own children; but the rabbi is adamant that no child of his will be ostracized and is on a mission to help other families in the same situation reunite

New York’s Hot New Tour Is Visiting Ultra-Orthodox Jews
The residents of Crown Heights are used to visitors. And Katz has been bringing around visitors for a while, as part of his Airbnb experience tour of the Hasidic community in Crown Heights, where people pay $69 a person to go where few non-Jews have gone.

United Hatzalah Impresses Facebook Head Sheryl Sandberg
Eli started this work when he was 15 years old with money he saved from his bar mitzvah. He now has 5,000 volunteers arriving at emergencies usually within 3 minutes, often way before traditional ambulances. United Hatzalah offers these services for free, regardless of someone’s race, religion, or national origin.

Summer Aliyah Flight Makes History
What if you lived to see a millennia old prophecy come about? When will you become part of it? (We regularly ask ourselves this question.)

The Truth About Orthodox Jews
“The kind of everyday story some hateful folks don’t want you to know but shows who we are. Proud to see such caring and sensitivity to neighbors.”

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