Survivor Celebrates 104th Birthday at Kotel With Her 400 Descendants & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Rare Combo: Religious Jew Takes Jazz Music Scene by Storm
Israeli saxophonist and jazz singer Daniel Zamir was born to secular parents in Petah Tikva, but while studying at a prestigious New York university, he found a connection to the Jewish faith and returned to Israel as a reborn Jew, becoming the first Haredi musician in the genre

Prince Harry May Want 2 Kids ‘Max’ — But Life is Better With a Big Family
Millennials — like Prince Harry, who recently declared he’d have “two, maximum” — are concerned about too much procreation amid fears of climate change. Every generation has had their reasons not to have kids, but with every child there comes the promise of who they might turn out to be and the positive impact they could have on society.

A Fresh New Idea: The Lehigh Valley’s First Kosher Food Truck
Many hungry diners line up regularly to enjoy freshly prepared, authentic food from Around the Table Catering — a new mobile food business anchored at the Jewish Community Center of the Lehigh Valley. It is the first such business to be certified as a kosher food provider by the Lehigh Valley Kashrut Commission. And — the food is delicious.

Holocaust Survivor Celebrates 104th Birthday Surrounded By 400 Descendants
A Holocaust survivor celebrated her 104th birthday last week at the Western Wall in Jerusalem — and for the occasion posed for a photo surrounded by about 400 of her descendants: children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Shoshana Ovitz survived Auschwitz 74 years ago. At the celebration, which symbolized a triumph over the Nazis, “everyone was there with tears in their eyes.” Photos show the huge crowd posing in front of the Western Wall, with men on one side and women on the other, adhering to Jewish Orthodox tradition.

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