Chief Rabbi Takes Stand Against Get Refuser & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

It Took A Protest At The Husband’s House To Get This Jewish Woman A Divorce
With the help of a network of sympathizers including many divorced women, a divorced woman was able to finally receive good news. ORA worked to protest on her behalf in order to free her from agunah status.

The New Yorker Reviving Jewish Life on a Holiday Island
When Dani Rotstein arrived in Palma in 2014, he was planning only a short break from the crowds and chaos of New York City. But when he fell in love with a Catalan woman he decided to stay. Dani was very happy, but something was missing. If Majorca was to become his permanent home, he needed to find a Jewish community – and Majorca’s Jews had been burned, exiled or forcibly converted during the Spanish Inquisition.

In Pittsburgh, A Bookstore Where Freewheeling Curiosity Reins
After the Squirrel Hill Synagogue massacre, shops like the Orthodox Jewish-owned Amazing Books functioned as sanctuaries. The owner says, “I realized that I had an incredible opportunity to make a moment of a stranger’s day better, and that was a priceless thing.”

A Young Rabbi Who Recently Moved Here is Putting on the Milwaukee Area’s First Jewish Food Festival
Rabbi Moshe Luchins and his wife Sheina love cooking and community. When they moved to Wisconsin, they were looking for ways to connect. They used social media to increase awareness, education and interaction. They’re launching the first annual Jewish Food Festival, a two-day community celebration to be held Sunday Aug. 18 and Monday Aug. 19 at Virmond Park in Mequon.

Israeli Chief Rabbi David Lau Refuses to Bury Man’s Mother Until He Agrees to Divorce His Wife
A funeral in Israel was postponed on Tuesday morning in a rare rabbinical ruling designed to pressure the son of the deceased to grant his wife a get. Israel’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi David Lau directed the burial society in Jerusalem not to proceed with the burial until the man ended his 15-year refusal to agree to a divorce.

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