Jane’s Addiction’s Jewish Frontman’s Love of the Rebbe & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

How a Devout Muslim is Keeping the Only Kosher Restaurant in the Hamptons Alive
When the Beach Bakery and Grand Cafe went up for sale last year, locals were worried they’d lose the only kosher restaurant in the Hamptons. But the eatery found its savior: Rashid Sulehri, a devout Muslim, is keeping the café kosher—and adding halal food to the menu.

My Kind Heaven
The Rebbe’s teachings help bring about a change of consciousness and a transformation in daily living. They inspire me in my life as an artist. “God wants us to ‘dream’ about what He ‘dreams’ about,” the Rebbe taught. “This is why He shares with us His dream for the Messianic future.”

From Bnei Brak to Amazon, Haredi Women Make Hi-tech Their Home
Integrating haredim in the workforce is particularly critical given the rapid growth of Israel’s population, which is set to soar from 12% to 40% by 2030. The lack of open teaching positions for the 9,000 girls entering seminaries every year has meant that other professions – including accounting, design, architecture, therapy, and computer science – have increasingly been adopted.

Your Next Employee Could Be a Haredi Woman
While saving some costs and granting access to a pool of very strong talent, a move to employ Haredi women also remedies gender imbalance in the industry and improves inclusion and diversity of the workforce, as well as includes more Haredi Jews in the job market, benefitting the Israeli society in general. An opportunity like that doesn’t happen often or last very long.

NSA Forms Cybersecurity Directorate Under More Assertive U.S. Effort
The National Security Agency will create a cybersecurity directorate later this year as part of a wider effort to more closely align the agency’s offensive and defensive operations, U.S. officials said. Anne Neuberger has been tapped to lead the new directorate, slated to become operational Oct. 1.

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