How Jewish Learning Defines Mother of Slain Teen & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Devotion to Jewish Learning, Not Tragedy, Defines Mother of Slain Teen
Fraenekl and the other 13 women who graduated on June 12 from the Hilchata program at Matan are all alumnae of the growing number of places providing text study for Orthodox women. Frankel says that many of them have been through daf yomi, the daily study of the entire 2,711-page Talmud that is completed in seven and a half years.

A Kosher Fourth of July
Since that fateful July 4 when the Second Continental Congress invoked the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to declare independence from King George III, an argument has raged over the Christian roots of the American Founding. Now a group of scholars suggest that if we are looking only to the Gospels to understand the new American nation, we may be arguing over the wrong testament.

Revolution Within the Haredi Sector? Orthodox Women on Instagram
“Instagram has slowly been gaining popularity in the haredi world, and has recently gained a tremendous amount of momentum,” says Oshrat Eitan, a rising fashion star of the haredi world, who has close to 10,000 Instagram followers. “Awareness is quickly growing, and advertisers are finally realizing that this is a worthwhile sector to invest in.

I Spotted A Lump When Preparing For My Ritual Bath
In Israel, where around 750,000 women go to the mikveh each month, charities are taking the initiative to train the attendants who work there to look out for signs of cancer or domestic violence so they can sensitively direct women to find help. They are also encouraging mikvehs to put up posters for breast cancer awareness, as well as domestic violence, so that they can take steps to help themselves.

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