Shomer Negia Wins Keanu Reeves Worldwide Respect & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Former Italian Synagogue Sees 1st Jewish Wedding in Centuries
Rabbi Umberto Piperno, the former Chief Rabbi of Naples, officiated at the Orthodox Jewish wedding of the couple. Both bride and groom have traced their lineage to anusim – people who had had to conceal their Judaism or practice secretly amid persecution in previous centuries.

This Medical School is Putting a Uniquely Jewish Spin on Doctor Training
Since Touro assumed control, New York Medical College has developed a program and curriculum that reflects its Jewish character. It’s not just in the special Jewish accommodations the school offers — such as an academic calendar built around the Jewish holidays and kosher food in the cafeteria — but also in the ways New York Medical College applies a uniquely Jewish lens to health sciences education.

Keanu Reeves Not Touching Women Is A Thing
Keanu Reeves is officially a national treasure. Not only is the world has fallen in love with him all over again thanks to his new roles, but now you can add a new accolade to the list. Reeves has mastered the art of posing with women without being grabby.

No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Steak
How can meat be kosher if it’s never been slaughtered? As rabbis and scholars have closely followed recent developments in a field known by many names—clean meat, lab-grown meat, cultured meat, cellular agriculture—that’s the question they’re trying to answer.

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