Poway Rabbi Sheds Light in the Darkness & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Parties Embrace Technology and Emerge Stronger
The ultra-Orthodox parties made efforts during the campaign to appeal to younger Jews. United Torah Judaism created a Facebook page; Shas did the same with a Telegram account. Octogenarian and nonagenarian sages helped, traveling around the country by minibus and helicopter to attend mass rallies.

A Hilarious, Undiscovered Easter Egg From the Excellent ‘Spider-Man’ Game Was Hiding in Plain Sight
It’s remarkably fun to play, and gorgeous to look at, and — perhaps most of all — it offers a shockingly detailed re-creation of modern Manhattan to explore from top to bottom. You won’t find any Orthodox Jewish people on the game’s virtual streets if you play on a Saturday because they’re observing the very real Shabbat, a day of rest.

South Korea Gets its First Mikvah
Chabad hassidim in Seoul dedicated South Korea’s first mikva on Sunday. Rabbi Osher Litzman told The Jerusalem Post that more than 150 people attended the ceremony celebrating the ritual bath, which Chabad has been constructing for a year.

Rabbi Wounded in Synagogue Attack Becomes Global Messenger of Faith
Spreading the message of light prevailing over darkness was more than a small solace for Goldstein, who has dedicated his life to a leader who “professed and taught us the idea of unconditional love.” To spread that message further, Goldstein consented to one more interview, fighting sleep and pain to tell his story to The Times.

Measles Scare Delays Flight to NYC; JetBlue Accused of Profiling Orthodox Boy
Out of an abundance of caution, the Port Authority temporarily quarantined the plane while the passengers got checked out. Rumors were circulating that somebody may have had measles. That person was possibly profiled because they were an Orthodox Jew.

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