Frum Man Elected to Belgium’s Parliament & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Jewish Teens Don’t Regret Saving Man With Swastika Tattoo
A group of Jewish teens rushed to help save a man they later learned had a swastika tattoo. Their actions show the power of doing the right thing.

The Skin Gap Is Added to Wikipedia
This definition, popularized by Jew in the City in 2016, reframes the typical gap in skin exposure in men’s clothing versus women’s. It has become a mainstream term when evaluating this disparity.

Measles Can Be Contained, Anti-Semitism Cannot
As the measles has spread in and around New York, so has Anti-Semitism. Just as the anti-vaccination movement feeds off a handful of fringe outsiders, long-standing stereotypes about Jews have found a new vector in the latest outbreak of the disease.

First Orthodox Jew Elected To Serve in Belgian Parliament
38-year-old Michael Freilich, former editor-in-chief of Joods Actueel in Antwerp, a Jewish magazine founded by his grandfather Louis Davids, was elected to a seat in the Belgian parliament on Sunday. Freilich, who ran on the list of N-VA (New Flemish Alliance), a right-wing Flemish nationalist party, reportedly received nearly 13,000 preferential votes in Antwerp, from both the Jewish and non-Jewish residents of the city.

5 Essential Items for the Perfect Dinner Party
Throwing a dinner party is often framed as an aspirational exercise requiring a certain set of life skills. Especially around holidays, you’re bound to see articles about how to throw a great dinner party, the best foods to serve, the most impressive drinks to concoct, etc. But for those who observe the Jewish Sabbath and whose observance includes regular Shabbat meals with guests, throwing a dinner party is a basic weekly activity — and if you do it as often as my fiance and I do, you can get it down to a science.

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  • Avatar photo Frum Man Elected to Belgium’s Parliament & Other Orthodox Jews in the News – Project Makom says on May 31, 2019

    […] May 31, 2019Posted by Jew In The City2019 Measles Outbreak, anti-semitism, Belgium, Current Issues, Dinner Party, Featured, foodie, kiddush Hashem, Kiddush Hashem Corner, Kosher, measles, Michael Freilich, Modesty, News, Orthodox Jews in Politics, orthodox jews in the news, Parliament, Press, Recipes/Foodies, Sabbath/Shabbos, Shabbat, Shabbos, SkinGap, The Skin Gap, travel, Uncategorized, Weekly Round-Up, Wikipedia […]


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