7 Purim Hacks To Stay Organized And Sane

Purim is almost here, and it’s a time of year that can be super creative, meaningful, and can bring together families, friends, and entire communities. It can also be overwhelming and stress-inducing when the to-do list mounts and the time bound mitzvos make the day rushed and harried. Here are some ways to hack your Purim organization to make the most of this festive time!

1. Do What You Love, And You’ll Never Prepare Purim A Day In Your Life

What do you enjoy most about the holiday? Create more space for that, whether it’s baking, being artistic, elaborate makeup, watching the simcha from the comfort of your table, entertaining or coordinating a theme. You need not do every aspect of the holiday to the max. And if you can delegate the parts you like less to family members who like it more, it’s win win. (Dishes, anyone??)


2. Mishloach Manot Misconception  

Despite what you may have heard, Mishloach Manot need only contain two ready to eat items (not two brachas). So if the perfect Mishloach Manot has two foods with the same bracha, you’re good!



3. Have I Told You Lately That You Should Check Your Printer Ink?

You check your mezuzahs every now and again, but when’s the last time you checked how much ink was in your printer? Now (not the night before), is the time to make sure that your ink supplies are sufficient, lest your 100 colored Purim notes give out on page 37. (Not that we have any experience with this!)


4. Prepare the Delivery Route Ahead of Time With Google Maps

This is really only if you enjoy this sort of thing. (See #1.)  And if you do, you didn’t need us to tell you, because you were  already looking  forward to it. (Weirdo!)

5. Be Inclusive

We were just joking when we called you a weirdo! Remember to give to people who may not be receiving a lot of Mishloach Manot: singles, elderly, kids who may not have lots of friends. My kids have a limit of how many friends they are allowed to deliver to, and at least one person on the list must be someone that falls into that category.

6. Remember To Eat Lunch

You’ll be so busy doing all the Purim activities, you’ll forget to eat lunch and just end up eating all the candy that comes in. So, now that we’ve reminded you, make a note to pick something simple to prepare and serve to your family during Purim day. Everyone will still eat a ton of junk, but there may be something nutritious mixed in there too!

7. Don’t Just Bring Wine, Bring a D’var Torah!

If you are fortunate enough to be a guest at someone else’s seuda, of course you should bring a gift, but also let the host know that you can prepare a d’var Torah (or better yet, Purim Torah!), as having the divrei Torah covered will leave your host with less stress.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful, happy, freilichen, simcha-filled (but stress-free!) Purim!


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