This Authentic Kosher Thai Food is From An Unlikely Place

In the heart of Beverly Hills, California, a kosher Thai food restaurant serves authentic Thai cuisine with a modern flair. Beloved by locals, BH Thai is known for offering a well-kept location where secular family and business associates can enjoy dishes alongside regular kosher-keepers.

The staff goes out of their way to please customers, offering gluten-free options for most of their dishes, as well as a way for those allergic to shellfish to finally enjoy dishes that they previously could not, due to the fish sauce that is ubiquitous in Thai food. The space itself is both comfortable and industrial, with concrete and faux exposed brick walls, tiny fairy lights and upholstered booths.

In the appetizers, the Chicken Satay is charred and sweet, served with cucumbers and red peppers in vinaigrette and a delectable peanut sauce. Dumplings are filled with chicken and scallions, and disappear soon after they hit the table.

The Noodle dishes are the star of the show, with Pad Thai leading the charge. Tamarind sauce, crushed peanuts and shredded carrots combine with crispy tofu. Toppings choices also include marinated chicken and beef. Pad See Ew’s noodles are thick and doughy (even the gluten free ones!) and cooked in a sweet soy sauce. Chinese broccoli pairs with it, bringing crunch and color to counteract the noodles.

Pineapple Fried Rice offers mild curry flavors, dotted with lacy egg, cashews, tangy pineapple and vegetables. Garlic green beans are crispy and flavorful. A highlight of the menu is the ginger-poached sea bass, whose distinctly Asian flavors pair with a lightly poached fish to perfection. While it is nearly impossible to replicate in Shabbos cooking, it won’t stop you from trying. Thai Iced Tea is a traditional drink that can be enjoyed here in a kosher way, as coconut milk swirls together with the tea in mesmerizing patterns. Thai Limeade is as tangy and sweet as it sounds.

Local delivery is available, though sadly, they don’t overnight to the East Coast. A trip to Los Angeles is incomplete without a visit.

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