The African American Mesivta Basketball Player & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Jacob Benezra Has a Unique Story to Tell as an African American, Jewish Basketball Player
When he arrives at the bench, the hoodie comes off to reveal that his head is covered by a bright blue yarmulke with an engraved orange basketball. At that point, something even rarer is divulged — an African American Jewish teenager playing high school basketball for an Orthodox Jewish team.

He Is Jewish, But Being Santa Is His Calling
Rick Rosenthal has been a year-round Santa for nearly seven years — maybe no surprise given his jolly demeanor and bushy white beard. What sets this Santa apart is something entirely different: his Orthodox Jewish faith.

Life Magazine: Meet the Frum Fashion Bloggers Setting Trends Through Instagram
Muslim bloggers have grown in popularity, with many amassing huge fanbases on social media. On a smaller, but equally powerful global scale are a handful of Orthodox Jewish women who’ve broken into the secular world of fashion and beauty blogging.

For Kosher Instagram Stars, The Food is Just the Appetizer
There was a plate of salsa-laden, beefy homemade sausages on the table, but professional foodies Naomi Nachman and Chani Apfelbaum, with a combined following of 70,000 people on Instagram, hadn’t reached for their phones to spread the gospel. Yet.


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