Wearing Tefillin May Make Men’s Hearts Healthier & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Report: Joe Lieberman on Short List for UN Ambassador
Lieberman, who publicly supported moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, is on the short list to replace U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley. No other evidence supports the speculation, and a source close to Lieberman said Lieberman has not been asked about accepting the job. If it were offered, however, the source said Lieberman would probably accept the ambassadorship.

Researchers Say Ritual for Orthodox Jewish Men May Offer Heart Benefits
A pilot study led by researchers at the U. of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine suggests Jewish men who practice wearing tefillin, which involves the tight wrapping of an arm with leather banding as part of daily prayer, may receive cardiovascular health benefits. Benefits may occur though remote ischemic preconditioning that results in protection during heart attacks.

Yeshiva Student Population Explodes in NYC
The city’s Jewish day-school and yeshiva student populations are exploding, according to state data. There are now 110,485 kids enrolled at the schools across the five boroughs — a hike of 10,000 from just two years ago, the numbers show.

On Sunday, A Rabbi Moved To Florida’s Panhandle. On Wed., Hurricane Michael Hit
When he and his wife moved to Pensacola, Florida, on Sunday afternoon, Rabbi Mendel Danow expected to spend the following couple of weeks settling in and buying supplies for their new home. Instead, two days after getting off the plane, Danow found himself driving to a Walmart in Alabama to buy five 40-packs of water bottles, covering their doors with metal plates, and cooking up a stockpile of rice and pasta for 10 overnight guests.

Mikvah and the American Jewish Woman: It’s Complicated
The ultimate training for a rebbetzin is not, in fact, hosting a Shabbat dinner, or remembering the name of a congregant during Kiddush. It’s teaching the laws of Family Purity to young brides.

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