The Frum Dentist Who Charms Patients With Magic & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Meet New York’s Hasidic Jewish Bagpipe Player
Not every bagpipe-playing altar boy considering joining the priesthood grows up to be a Hasidic Jew — but Ian Sherman did. Ian, known today in many circles by his Hebrew name Ephraim Eliyahu, was born to a Scottish Catholic mother and an Eastern European Jewish father, and was raised in Goshen, New York.

New Jersey Dentist Uses Magic To Put Nervous Kids At Ease | NBC Nightly News
Dr. Eyal Simchi turns something most kids dread into jaw-dropping fun — just as quickly as you can say “abracadabra.”

Couple Plans Traditional Jewish Hasidic Wedding, a Rarity in Minnesota
On Tuesday, Nissi Naparstek and Chaya Grossbaum will marry in a large, traditional Hasidic ceremony — a rarity in Minnesota. The Jewish population in Minnesota is estimated at 45,000, and the number of Orthodox Hasidic Jews, followers of a branch of Judaism that arose in the 18th century, is a tiny fraction of that.

An Ancient Jewish Ritual Experiences a New Birth on Long Island
Long Island is home to 13 mikvahs, nearly half of them constructed by the Orthodox Chabad movement in the past decade, Teldon said. They are located in communities including Port Washington, Dix Hills, East Hampton, Great Neck, Cedarhurst and Long Beach. Chabad has three more under construction in Kings Point, Roslyn and Stony Brook.

This New Gastropub Wants to Change the Way Angelenos Think About Kosher Food
Yoni Rappaport believes Osher’s Bar & Grill is helping to take kosher food mainstream. “It’s traditional dining in a one-size-fits-all concept for the Jewish community, and for every community,” he says.

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