A New Documentary About All Star Judge Ruchie Freier & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Mayim Bialik Wrote About The Science Of Being A Boy
As a trained neuroscientist and fulltime mother, Mayim Bialik was well-equipped to write ‘Boying Up: How to be Brave, Bold and Brilliant.’ She talks about being a Modern Orthodox Jew and the idea that all Jewish souls were together at Mt. Sinai.

Ruchie Freier: Hasidic Judge, American Trailblazer
Judge Ruchie Freier is not only a judge in criminal court, her ambulance service is the subject of a new documentary. She knows she’s an anomaly, and yet she sees nothing contradictory between her deeply-held religious beliefs and her high-powered secular career.

How To Make Creole Cuisine Kosher (Hint: Start By Leaving Out Shellfish)
“Even though I came from an Orthodox home and I consider myself pretty steeped in Jewish tradition,” Covert said in a speech at the 2004 Culinary History Symposium. “I am a born New Orleanian, so that even in a kosher home, I eat New Orleans food.

The Impossible Burger Has New Bragging Rights–it’s Kosher
The Impossible Burger is now answering to a higher authority. On Tuesday, the beloved vegan brand announced it has gone kosher. Impossible Burger–which sells realistic-tasting, plant-based patties–received its official kosher certification from the Orthodox Union (i.e., the OU symbol you often spot on grocery products), the world’s largest kosher certification agency.

Video of Dentist Wowing Kid With Magic Tricks Goes Viral
Dr. Eyal Simchi is a pediatric dentist at Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry in northwestern New Jersey. His office specifically treats patients with special needs. As videos on the office’s Facebook page show, Dr. Simchi goes above and beyond when it comes to making his patients feel comfortable.

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