All Star Estee Ackerman Aims for 2020 Olympics! & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

How This Instagrammer Is Killing It – But You’ll Never See Her Face
She is the Kardashian of the kosher world on Instagram, with brands clamoring to work with her and a passionate fan base who would kill to bake challah with her. But it’s arguably not ChefChaya’s epic food porn or her feel-good vibes or even that she’s a single, Orthodox Jewish woman that makes ChefChaya the ultimate social media outlier. ChefChaya has achieved cult status – amassing the largest following in her space – with 50,000 plus followers on Instagram—all without revealing her identity.

Chabad Hosting Kosher Tailgate Outside Super Bowl LII
Many Jews will go to extreme lengths to find kosher food. Super Bowl LII is no exception, so Chabad in Minneapolis set up an amazing Kosher Tailgating opportunity directly outside US Bank Stadium.

Meet the Haredi Rabbi Leading the Fight Against Child Abuse
At first glance, Rabbi Yakov Horowitz hardly seems to fit the bill for a social activist. A mild-mannered 57-year-old father of five and a member of the Hasidic community in Monsey, New York, Rabbi Horowitz has over the past two decades become perhaps the best-known figure in the Orthodox community working to combat child abuse.

Long Island Ping Pong Prodigy Hopes to Make it to Compete in the 2020 Olympics
From the outside, she looks like any other 16 year old girl, but put Estee Ackerman in front of a ping pong table and it is take no prisoners, including playing against Rafael Nadal at the U.S. Open. And now she has her eyes set on the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Emily Ratajkowski Designed a Collection of Handbags with a Pair of “Punk Hasidic” Brothers
The brothers’ own styles are a cheeky subversion of Orthodox Jewish garb: black hats and long, woolen coats with open shirts, chains, and big rings. For them, designing sexy clothing and living a traditional Jewish life is not a paradox but rather a tension worth mining. “For us, nothing is in conflict,” says Alexandre. “We like to disrupt the idea of the uniform, to combine rock ’n’ roll and folk and British classicism. We define our own look as punk Hasidic. Above all, we like the story to be a mix.”

Top Five Kosher Food Trends of 2018: Irish Cholent and More
Chelsea Piers is crowded with Religious Jews, reporters, retailers and waiters that are beginning to sweat, sizing up the thirsty crowd. It’s the twelfth annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience, sponsored by the Royal Wine Corporation.

Two Jews a World Apart Find a Bond in Blood and Kindness
A new documentary about altruistic kidney donation is shining a fresh light on New York’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community few have ever seen before. Titled A Match Made in Heaven, the film, produced by Jew in the City, tells the heartwarming story of how two Jews from opposite sides of the world formed a bond literally through blood and greatness of spirit.

What it’s Like to Be Jewish in South Korea
Though the Jewish community in South Korea is small, Jews visiting the country to compete in or watch the Winter Olympic Games won’t have to skimp on kosher food or Shabbat programming. The country’s Chabad is setting up a pop-up restaurant during the Olympics, serving three meals daily, including Korean-style bulgogi beef, schnitzel, hot dogs and vegetarian items. They will also teach Torah classes and put on Shabbat programming for tourists, journalists and other visitors, as well as deliver food to athletes inside the Olympic Village.

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