“Kosher Delight” Ditmas Wows Mainstream Florida Food Critics & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

TV and Radio Star Sivan Rahav-Meir on Journalism, Judaism, and Social Media
Sivan Rahav-Meir, one of Israel’s most popular television personalities, will discuss her life, career and new book — in English — with The Times of Israel’s Jewish World editor, Amanda Borschel-Dan, on Sunday, January 21. Rahav-Meir will talk about how she got started on her reporting career and how it feels to be one of few Orthodox Jewish women in Israel’s mainstream media.

A Holocaust Museum in Brooklyn Focuses on Faith, Survival
Faith and survival, not the machinery of death, are the central themes at an atypical Holocaust museum in Brooklyn. The three-year-old Amud Aish Memorial Museum, located far from the tourist crowds at near the very edge of the borough, focuses on the experiences of Orthodox Jews during and after the Holocaust.

Kosher To-Go: Central Mass Chabad Brings Traditional Jewish Cuisine to Your Doorstep
Rabbi Mendel Fogelman and his wife, Chani, have found a way to reach out to the community that exemplifies their love for food, fellowship and Jewish education. For over a year now, the couple has spearheaded an effort to make Kosher food — ready to reheat and serve — available for purchase to the public each Thursday evening.

In a Turf Battle For Organs, a Policy Review Rattles the National Transplant System
Tethered to a breathing machine at a Manhattan hospital, 21-year-old Miriam Holman would die without a lung transplant. But her odds of finding a suitable organ were especially low in New York, where waiting times are among the longest in the country. A federal judge’s recent emergency order in a lawsuit by Holman and her lawyer, both of whom are Orthodox Jews, is threatening to upend decades of organ transplant policy and force places with a relative abundance of organs to start sharing more of them.

North Shore University Hospital Erects Eruv to Enclose Campus
Long Island is home to about 20 eruvs, but for the first time a hospital has erected one to enclose its own campus. North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset has created an eruv, a symbolic enclosure that consists mainly of wrought-iron and chain-link fencing, to assist an increasing number of Orthodox Jewish patients, including many from nearby Great Neck.

Leading Haredi Rabbi: Non-Religious Children Deserve Respect
A remarkable video has emerged of Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, one of the two preeminent leaders of the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) world, advising families with children who have become non-religious not to reprimand them or kick them out of the house, but instead to show them warmth and kindness. The rabbi even went so far as to say that in a case where a mature boy brings home a girl and ostensibly sleeps with her in the house, the parents should not reject or reprimand him.

Review: Ditmas Kitchen West of Boca Raton is a Creative Kosher Delight
“You don’t have to be Jewish — or keep kosher — to enjoy Ditmas Kitchen.” It is a good restaurant that happens to be kosher, not simply a good kosher restaurant. It features creative takes on vegetable and sushi dishes and the best restaurant steak I have had in a year, a mammoth, $85 seared cote de boeuf with a delectable crust and tender interior cooked perfectly to the ordered medium-rare. A great, juicy steak at a kosher restaurant? Who knew?

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