Teen Star of Gotham, David Mazouz, Accepts Orthodox Jewish All Star Award

David Mazouz explains his Orthodox Jewish pride beautifully, “A Jew is a person who…makes it his or her responsibility to go out to the world and to bring light. Someone who counteracts negative stereotypes by helping people everywhere and… I wear that badge with more dignity than I’ve ever worn anything.”

Director of Photography: Elie Gabor elie@eliecreative.com

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  • Avatar photo Meghan says on November 22, 2017

    Just watched the documentary and wondering if it is true that people within the community are not allowed to call the police if they or their children are being abused? If they do, are they risking being an outcast? If my husband were abusing me or my kids, and the choice was risk losing my children to that man if I asked for help, I would think staying might be my only option to help protect the children.

    • Avatar photo Allison Josephs says on November 27, 2017

      Thanks for your comment, Meghan. I believe you wanted to respond to the post about “One of Us.” The Hasidic world is not monolithic. There are healthy parts to it and unhealthy parts. The healthy parts, where they have learned what Jewish law entails – to guard your life, to not stand idly by your neighbor’s blood – they are calling the police and getting help. The parts where they believe that no matter what you can’t turn in a Jew to non-Jewish authorities, based on an ancient law of mesirah – this is not a healthy way to live. I’m not in insider. I have no way of telling you honestly what the break down is. For my friends who are Hasidic and happy, they tell me most people are happy and functional and these stories capture the worst of the community. For my friends who are ex-hasidic and angry at the community, they tell me most people are unhappy and dysfunctional. I can’t speak to what is actual reality. I can speak to what Judaism says and hope that wherever religion is being used to hurt people that it gets corrected.


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