Chabad Helps Adam Sandler Shake a Lulav & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

24 Hours Offline Every Week Has Made a World of Difference for My Health, Sanity, and Happiness
Setting aside time to disconnect from technology and reconnect with people can reap extraordinary benefits — not the least of which is renewed focus on your business. In fact, you’ll know you’ve got the concept of downtime right when you literally can’t wait to get back to work.

Confused About ‘Arm Spanx’? Take Style Tips From NYC’s Chic Orthodox Women
While the concept of Arm Tights sounds revolutionary, local Orthodox Jewish women say they established a similarly layered look in the interest of modesty years ago. Orthodox fashion stylist Tziporah Newman, who doesn’t bare her arms, was struck by the similarity. “There’s no way the Spanx execs didn’t get this idea from the religious world.” “The concept of layering has been around for decades. As a religious stylist, I’ve always honed the skill of being modest and sexy at the same time.”

Israel’s Top Tennis Player Quits Mid-Match for Yom Kippur
Dudi Sela, Israel’s top-ranked men’s singles tennis player and 77th in the world, quit mid-game at the Wuhan Open in China on Friday due to the imminent start of Yom Kippur. Sela had asked for the match to be brought forward due to the fast that starts at sundown on Friday, but his request was reportedly denied. He therefore withdrew and was knocked out of the tournament, forfeiting $34,000 in prize money and the chance to win 90 ranking points.

That Time Tom Petty Hung Out With an Orthodox Rock Band in Israel
In September 1987, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers toured Israel with Bob Dylan, performing in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. A film crew followed Petty around and chronicled the experience for MTV‘s Musical Passport series, Rock Israel, including his meeting with an Orthodox rock band, Diaspora Yeshiva Band.

Actor Adam Sandler Making A Blessing On The Lulav & Esrog
Adam Sandler and his daughter make a blessing on the four species this Sukkos in LA. The Jewish comedy star and his daughter were offered a lulav and esrog to shake by Chabad of Brentwood, California.

How $500-A-Night Kosher Resorts Tell Untold Story Of Wealthy Orthodox
Capri, a favorite destination of the international jet set is now open to observant Jews, with its seasonal kosher restaurant certified by the Orthodox Union, thanks to Roman-Jewish hotelier Edward Safdie who opened it in 2013. And it’s just one of many new options.

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