I Left The Hasidic World, But I Didn’t Leave Orthodoxy: Meet Zeldy

Countless stories have been shared of Hasidic Jews who leave their community of origin and become completely secular, but what about those who leave one observant Jewish community behind to find another that is a better fit for them? Project Makom, an initiative of Jew in the City, helps former and questioning charedi Jews find their place in Orthodoxy. To learn more Project Makom visit ProjectMakom.org




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  • Emily Zimmerman says on September 26, 2017

    This came out at such a perfect time. I have been seeing a lot of discourse lately between Jews, whether it is because someone feels judged or out of place because they are “too” one way or “not enough” another way, and Jews tearing eachother apart on social media because they believe “their way” must be accepted as truth by all. The resentment we have for eachother with issues like this is the most dangerous threat to the Jewish people. So many stories also how ex-orthodox people are lauded for their anger, and dont get me wrong, the struggles ARE real, but its nice to see a story like this with a different ending. This is an amazing story where someone had a struggle with Judaism and only pointed the finger within her own self to search for what was right and healthy for HER. I can say from personal experience that Zeldy is everything she comes across as in this video and more.

  • judy josephs says on September 26, 2017

    So good to hear you & feel your peacefulness!!

  • Yoni Pelman says on September 27, 2017

    Beautiful story said perfectly…

  • Bonnie Ryvicker says on November 19, 2017

    Hi Zelda
    Ken is my son. He is a good friend if your husband. I am a secular Jew yet found your story inspiration. I would love to learn more about your journey. You are, indeed an inspiration!
    Mazal tov on the birth of your newest child. May you have only nachos from him


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