The Shabbos Baby Who Was Delivered in an Uber & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Here’s Why I Disconnect for 25 Hours Each Week
The CEO of Quantum Media Group explores why he doesn’t tweet, respond to emails or do business from Sundown on Friday night. Shabbat is the time he reconnects with what is truly important in his life.

After 500 Years, An Italian Jewish Rebirth
Late last month a Jewish community was established here in southern Italy—the first such founding since King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella ordered the expulsion or forced conversion of the Jews more than 500 years ago. On the same day the community was revived, the Catania city government gave the top floor of a palace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to the International Institute for Jewish Culture. The small community is now looking for a rabbi and raising money to furnish the space, which will be used as a synagogue.

Woman Gives Birth in Rideshare Car in Sherman Oaks
A woman gave birth to a newborn in a rideshare car Friday night in Sherman Oaks. The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived after the successful delivery, which happened near the 12900 block of West Riverside Drive. Authorities transported the mother, father and child in good condition.

Photos of Jewish Woman Comforting Autistic Boy on Plane Go Viral
A Jewish woman comforting a distressed child was captured in heartwarming photos that quickly gained traction on social media. About an hour into the flight on Friday, an 8-year-old Muslim boy started crying and shrieking loudly, until Chabad emissary Rochel Groner approached the young boy and extended her hand.

So, An Orthodox Jew Walks Into a Bank…
An Orthodox Jewish man received a wire transfer that was $30,000 more than he was owed. When the payor insisted that it paid the correct amount, the man informed TD Bank officials that they should wire the money directly back to the company, leaving a “powerful impression upon [the] bank staff members.”

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