Shavuos: Does the Book of Ruth Matter?


Rabbi Fohrman asks why we read the Book of Ruth during Shavuot, emphasizing the importance of the holiday in commemorating the receiving of the Torah. Rabbi Fohrman gives a brief overview of the narrative of the Book of Ruth, connecting it to the narrative of Abraham and introducing the idea that Ruth is the culmination of the promise God made to Abraham before hinting that perhaps there is a secret story that serves as an introduction to Abraham hidden at the end of Genesis 11.

This video was produced by Aleph Beta, which seeks to help people get to the heart of what Torah is all about. Through a willingness to question and take a deeper look at our sources, Aleph Beta helps people find their place in a story that has been told for thousands of years. Bringing new methods to a very old tradition, we’ve attempted to make each video surprising and exciting.

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