New York Fashion Week: 4 Modest Trends You Will Adore

Twice a year, the world is introduced to a vast new collection of walking art. New York Fashion Week, the fashion industry’s biannual debut of new collections, is taking place this week in Manhattan. A nine day period when international fashion collections are shown to the press, buyers, and the general public, New York sets the standard alongside Fashion Weeks in Paris, London and Milan, for what consumers around the world will fill their racks and shelves with and what trends will prevail all season long.

Whether or not you are a fashionista, you will be affected by this week’s debut of Spring 2017 clothing if you buy clothes any time over the next several months. If you are a modest dresser who likes to dress fashionably, you’ll probably want to know what new trends can work with more fabric. Thankfully, after combing through many of the looks being featured this week, we found fabulous and examples of modest styles that will be trending soon.


NYFW Fashion Trends Spring / Summer 2017:

1) Fabrics: Lots of lace, velvets, sequins and shine, lots of drapeNYFW SS 17 Whites

2) Prints: Bold contrast, painted florals, birds, playful scribbles, eastern prints, French Riviera, craft inspired, abstract tribal

NYFW SS 17 Lemon Mint

3) Silhouettes: Kimono-inspired, dramatic arms, minimalism

NYFW SS 17 Stripes

4) Colors: Red-Orange, Melon, Peach, Mint, Lemon, Navy & Plum, Black & White, Turquoise

NYFW SS 17 Navy Magenta

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  • Avatar photo Diana says on October 12, 2016

    Photos are awesome. Love these design. Thanks a lot Eve.


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